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Hailey Livingston, CEO

Hailey Livingston is the CEO of High Powered, a local nonprofit developed to educate, energize and empower the community through health and fitness. She is a local salon owner and hair stylist at Salt + Light Hair Co. She has a caring heart and a desire to see people live higher quality of lives in their family, faith and future.


Chase Livingston, President and Spokesperson

Chase Livingston is a personal trainer, coach, speaker and author. His passion for helping develop a stronger, healthier population stemmed from struggling with his health and confidence years ago. He found that prioritizing his health through diet and exercise completely changed him in all areas of life. He now strives to help people experience this for themselves. Chase has a strong capacity for connecting fitness principles to life and encouraging others to do everything possible to prioritize their health so they can fulfill their true calling in life.

High Powered was created to help members of our community excel in these three areas in order to improve quality of life, faith and fulfillment.


Obesity is a growing problem here in the United States. The CDC has determined that by 2030, nearly 50% of the population will be considered obese. Obesity has been linked to known health problems including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and mortality.


This problem not only affects the adult population but also that of our children. 1 of every 5 children are affected with weight problems. This creates a wide range of health problems early on in life.


There are many contributing factors to the health crisis in America, but we believe proper education and connecting people to the importance of their health can not only change lives, but save them.


High Powered holds local community-based events where people can come to learn strategies for a healthier life, make exercise fun and enjoyable and inspire them to make it a part of their lifestyle. We partner with other businesses and organizations to make these events possible. If you would like to be a part of our mission and help build a more strong and healthy community, please reach out to us at


A healthy lifestyle surpasses far more than physical exercise and diet. It encompasses the mental, physical and spiritual. We don’t just show people how to exercise and eat right. We also give them mindset principles, belief systems and connect them to their purpose to strengthen their resolve to live healthier lives.


Our first event will take place Summer of 2023! Our community-based event will feature local vendors, speakers, workshops, food and a massive workout with members of your community working alongside you. More info coming soon!

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